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January 12, 2023 - February 28, 2023
3:00 PM - 5:00 PM
St. Francis Retreat House
3918 Chipman Road, Easton, PA 18045
Easton, PA 18045


Donate any amount.

Once again, as the New Year begins, we are so grateful for your interest, involvement and support of St. Francis Retreat House. Thank you for helping make SFRH a place for people to step back, pray, participate, deepen their relationship with God AND help make our world and the Lehigh Valley a more loving, caring and inclusive place to live.

Once a year we write asking you to help support our Annual Winter Appeal. We usually have a specific need/project we would like to fund: new beds, a recliner in each room. You have always responded generously to these needs. We thank you and greatly appreciate your kindness.

This year, we are taking a different approach and are asking you to give generously to our general appeal. There are many projects that need funding which makes it difficult to choose a specific need. Maybe this analogy can help clarify our situation.

If you own an older home or commercial building, there are probably things that need to be fixed, touched up or replaced. In time things just wear out and need some attention. Likewise, as we get older, the body starts slowing down, wearing out, breaking down and, like a building, some parts need replacing. Going to the doctor is like calling in the plumber; something needs to be fixed. And, as you well know, doing so is not cheap.

“Our house” is now sixty two years old and needs some attention, repairs and updating. Here is a list of the numerous projects that we need to address. Can you help us fund these projects? We sure can use your help.

  • Pitched roof at Gift Shop entrance
  • Improve audio/visual equipment
  • Repair heating/ hot water systems
  • Repaint rooms in north wing.
  • Refinish exterior doors of conference room and lobby
  • Replace older office computers
  • Besides these projects, SFRH needs to hire another cook and a kitchen assistant, two people for housekeeping duties and another front office person.

This has been a very busy and challenging year. Business is booming! Here are a few statistics from 2022 with over 3000 individuals coming to the retreat house.

  • Hosted Retreats (2-5 nights) Groups using our facilities, 2,517 individuals
  • Sponsored Retreats (2 nights) retreats we put on, 195 individuals
  • Private Retreats (2-5 nights) 101 individuals
  • Monday Mini-Retreats (no stayovers) 280 individuals
  • Classes offered by Bro. Mark, Fr. Henry & Fr. Loren, 55 individuals
  • Above figures do not include people coming for liturgy, confessions,
    spiritual direction or simply to “chat” with a friar or Sister Regina

Thank you for your generous support of St. Francis Retreat House. We would not exist without your help. We hope you had a blessed Christmas and wish you a peace-filled New Year. We keep you in our daily prayer. God Bless You.

Brother Mark, OFM Administrative Team
Anne Houston Development/Marketing
Sister Regina, OSF Administrative Team PS.
Brother Scott, OFM Development/Marketing


St. Francis Retreat House
St. Francis Retreat House in Easton, PA is a place we like to call home. Here we can find a new way of seeing God. Come explore the space, the outdoors, the sacred quiet of our chapels. Come walk and pray. Be still in the Divine Presence of our creator—Father, Son and Holy Spirit.... Read More
St. Francis Retreat House
3918 Chipman Road, Easton, PA 18045
Easton, PA 18045

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