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May 15, 2024 - May 22, 2024
12:00 AM - 11:30 PM
AX Odycy
Qawra Coast Rd
St Paul's Bay MALTA, PA 18064


Hello Fellow Spiritual Seeker!

Join me on a unique pilgrimage as we discover the mystical Mediterranean jewel that is Malta. With its sweeping, deep blue ocean views, breathtaking natural landscapes, and some of the planet's oldest temples and other architectural structures, Malta lies at the crossroads of contrasting cultures and economies and is one of the world's most extraordinary and spectacular destinations.

This compact archipelago is steeped in rich cultural history. It is 'an open-air museum' with over 320 historical monuments, including three UNESCO World Heritage Sites: The Megalithic Temples, the Hal Saflieni, the famous underground sound oracle chamber of the Hypogeum, and the City of Valletta.

As a certified meditation instructor, HeartMath practitioner, intuitive, former history teacher, and current researcher on ancient civilizations, I promise to guide you through this journey in the most deeply relaxing, educational, and esoteric way.

We will infuse ourselves with the feelings and memories of those who walked this path before us, be in the present moment with the energies, and feel a portal to the future.

You will return from this Pilgrimage refreshed, recharged, and rejuvenated. And hopefully, it will forever change how you look at our past and towards our future.

We will not only visit ancient temples and historic sites, but we will also spend time resting, relaxing, and enjoying the beautiful blue Mediterranean Sea and our first-class spa resort hotel. We will indulge in some of the most sumptuous cuisine on Earth. We will shop at local bazaars.

This journey will be entirely experiential. I will have you out on the sites, seeing, feeling, and experiencing them. The nice thing about Malta is we’re on an island, so everything is close at hand. Experienced guides will be with us throughout our trip, and we will have plenty of time to enjoy a lot with grace and ease.

The evening before we go to the famous Hypogeum, the tremendous underground sound chamber scientifically proven to resonate the left and right hemispheres of our brain together as one, I will conduct a sound and frequency presentation, sound healing meditation, and attunement for everyone. It will adequately prepare us to experience this ancient underground structure fully.

Our trip will be fluid, allowing us to take the time where we need or want to and make changes along the way we deem important. Since this is the first group tour I'm hosting, I'm keeping this small to ensure a meaningful and intimate sojourn. Our maximum will be 20 people. Please register before we are all booked up.

I promise to make this relaxing, rejuvenating, spiritual, and memorable! I encourage you to view the complete itinerary and see some photos of the stunning places we will visit.

Please note that this trip is all-inclusive. We will stay at a five-star resort with all the spa amenities for you to indulge in. Meals and fees for the sites and guides are included as well.


The Alexander Method®
LISA ALEXANDER is a Quantum Metaphysician; creator and practitioner of the Alexander Method® of Vibrational Sound and Energy Therapy. Her unique, advanced program bridges the gap between science and spirituality to offer healing services through each layer of our existence. An advocate for improved living, Alexander calls on a diverse personal and professional history to serve individual clients and provide transformational speaking, coaching and advisory services.... Read More
AX Odycy
Qawra Coast Rd
St Paul's Bay MALTA, PA 18064

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