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January 07, 2021 - January 08, 2021
11:00 AM - 5:30 PM
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Still Your Screen, NY 10460



Have you been using the same “comprehensive” sex ed curriculum for eons?

Do you work with or parent youth? How prepared are you for “THE TALK?”

Need help making your sex ed more engaging, inclusive and liberatory?


S.L.A.M. (Sexuality Liberators And Movers) 4 Youth Conference can help get YOU to the next level!


This virtual summit brings together sex educators, therapists, teachers, counselors, parents + caregivers with a common goal of demanding better. At S.L.A.M. we believe that our young people, our children, students and siblings deserve sex education that centers and affirms them. With this goal in mind, conference organizer, Stephanie Zapata, has brought together some of the country’s top youth centered Sexperts of color.


Join us on January 7th,  2021 & January 8th for two days of professional development, networking, and workshops:                   


  • Stephanie Zapata, Liberation 4 Youth: A Beyond Comprehensive Guide
  • Melissa Pintor Carnagey, Using a Sex Positive Approach in Sex Ed for Youth
  • Sam Carwyn, Partnering with Parents & Guardians
  • Justine Ang Fonte, Are You a Porn Genre or Are You Privileged?
  • Patricia V. Braboy, Fostering Sexual Agency in Sex Education
  • Natasha Ramsey, What About Me? Representation and Reproductive Justice
  • Tanya M. Bass: Closing Keynote! Check Yo Self Before You Wreck Yo Self 

ACCESSIBILITY INFO: All speakers and sessions will utilize power point and accessible designs for inclusivity. Slides will be formatted with clean font (Verdana or Arial), minimum size 24, with strongly contrasting colors, and Alt text for all images. Speakers will have slides available in PDF format, as well as pre-typed transcription of their session. Each file will be linked in the talk when it begins. LIVE Closed Captioning will be provided for all talks through PowerPoint.

For additional ADA accommodations please email organizer, Stephanie Zapata:

Participants are able to choose from a one day or two pass. Your day pass is good only for the workshops on the selected ticket day.

Tickets will be sold in 3 price tiers in an effort to make the content affordable for the participants, and fair to the speakers/organizers.

We encourage participants to practice financial responsibility aka Honor Code when registering. Please review the different ticket TIERS & DAYS carefully as to avoid confusion. All sales are final and nonrefundable. 




TICKETING INFO: After purchasing you will receive an automated receipt/confirmation email from This confirms your place for the conference. On January 2nd, 2021 all participants will receive an additional email with the CONFERENCE ZOOM LINK. 

The conference will take place in ONE zoom room so you do not have to worry about multiple logins or zoom links. 

Reminder not to worry if you do not receive an automatic message with the zoom link after purchasing. That will come in January!!

INTERNATIONAL (outside of U.S.) purchasers- Please send an email with your full name, email address, ticket tier and number of tickets to 


This platform does not accommodate outside tickets so to grant access we'll use PayPal invoicing as a work around. Your ticket with email link will be sent directly to you by S.L.A.M. Organizer(s). 


Part of the work that happens behind the scenes at S.L.A.M. is brainstorming/plotting on how we can help participants get the absolute most out of their time with us. What this means to us is that the benefit/impact of S.L.A.M. does not end when the Zoom doors close. 
In a small liberatory move, we've been able to secure the opportunity to offer you all Continuing Education Credits/Contact Hours through the following agencies/programs:
To request contact hours/credits all you have to do is forward your ticket or screenshot,
along with your full name (whatever you want on the certificate), agency (optional)
and the certification area you are requesting (NASW, NCHEC, AASECT, ALL 3??)
Stephanie Speaks Here, LLC
Stephanie Zapata is a proud Bronx-born- Boricua sex educator & anti-oppression consultant. She comes to you with nearly a decade experience in the field and is no stranger to the fight for sexual/reproductive freedom in some of the most marginalized communities. For some organizers who find their path on campus, their activism and community engagement fizzle out after leaving the school life. Others, however, were born to be long-term catalysts for change. Since moving on from her Bronx organizing Roots, Stephanie continues to practice catalytic innovation today. She pursued her passion for gender & sexual visibility in education while working as a sex educator at some of NYC’s top non- profits. While doing that work, Stephanie realized that conventional sex education disregarded the needs of system-impacted communities - Black, Latinx, low-income, and LGBTQ communities especially. She also realized how crucial it is for health education to be centered around sexual/reproductive liberation, not just prevention. Respectability politics have no place in sex education. Respectability politics have no place in sex education. Respectability politics have no place in sex education. Today, Stephanie is a social entrepreneur, who has created an educational consulting agency all her own. She has presented keynotes at over a dozen major, notable health conferences, and provides training workshops that discuss sex education based on an anti-oppression and inclusive frameworks. Stephanie’s belief that sex education is an invaluable tool to dismantle major aspects of systematic oppression, has been embraced by many others in her field, and has led to opportunities to bring this insight to communities across the country. After recently being named one of B.E.Q. Magazines 40 LGBT Leaders Under 40, their more recent achievement, made a LOUD smash...ha...see what she did there? In June of 2020, Stephanie successfully cultivated an entire virtual conference, (S.L.A.M), Sexuality Liberators and Movers Conference which brought together some of the country’s top sex educators and clinicians to provide a full-days training. Stephanie is available as a consultant for projects related to sex education, staff/board training, EDI facilitation/training, queer inclusive frameworks/practices & curriculum creation. For more information about their services please visit Read More
EST Time Zone
Still Your Screen, NY 10460

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