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June 03, 2018
6:00 AM
Anacostia Boathouse
1201 M Street SE Washington, DC


On Sunday, June 3rd, we have an opportunity to volunteer for the Stonewall Regatta to benefit our friends from the DC Strokes. This is a huge race that they host and it is an all day event. They have offered two choices: the early shift of 6 am - noon or the late shift of noon to 4. I have chosen the early shift for us for two reasons: 1. It is going to be HOT and miserable if we are doing the late shift. 2. We have an opportunity to serve breakfast to fundraise for our organization. 


Please join us! We will help with general regatta needs, we will serve breakfast and earn money, we will go around to different team tents and help them create cheers for their teams!!

Anacostia Boathouse
1201 M Street SE Washington, DC

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